Retail Fuel Card Program FAQ

(Changes effective September 1, 2011)

Who is the Fiscal 12 Purchase Order (PO) made out to?
A PO is not necessary for participating in the fuel card program. Entities may issue an internal purchase order for tracking/accounting purposes.
The internal PO should reflect Comdata with Payee ID No16208132528 (Mail Code 000).
Will I have to replace my current fuel cards?
No, you will not have to replace your current cards.
Will there be new account codes/customer ids?
Comdata will be notifying each entity's fuel card administrator directly to provide new account code(s) and customer id(s). On September 1, your Comdata account code(s) and customer id(s) will be updated automatically in your Comdata ICD user profile. The account code change(s) does not impact your current ICD access capabilities (card management, reporting options, real time transaction history, etc.). Your current accounting code and customers ids will be disabled on September 1.
How will my fuel invoice change?
Accounts will now be invoiced by Comdata and entities can either have invoice(s) emailed or download directly from the Comdata Iconnectdata online website. The Comdata invoice will be sent and/or ready for download on a monthly basis.
See a sample invoice here [XLS].
To whom will I make payment?
For transactions with posting dates before September 1, 2011, entities will continue to submit payment to TransMontaigne.
For transactions with posting dates on or after September 1, 2011, entities will submit payment to Comdata (Payee ID No. 16208132528; Mail Code 000).
Entities using non-state funds who wish to submit payment electronically should contact Comdata Customer Service for instructions.
Where will I go to perform account maintenance and obtain reporting information?
Accounts will continue to use the Comdata web site,, for all card maintenance. This web site will also be used for reporting and downloading invoice information.
Where will I go to obtain transaction detail?
Comdata will provide the invoice and detailed transaction listing in an email to the authorized invoice designee. Additionally, authorized users may access their transaction detail via the Comdata web site. Instructions for accessing the invoice will be sent out in September.
Will I use the same username and password?
Yes, account username and password for access to the Comdata Iconnectdata web site will remain the same.
What if we need training on the Comdata online web site?
For training on Comdata’s online web site, entities should contact the Comdata government team at 866-662-3535.
Can I still obtain past transaction data from the TransMontaigne web site?
Yes. Although TransMontaigne will no longer be party to the contract, the account username and password will continue to be active. Historical transaction data will remain and be available on the TransMontaigne site for one (1) year (September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012).
Will we still have the same Comdata Customer Relations Representative?
Accounts will continue to contact the Comdata support team for all customer service related items. All Comdata team members are fully versed on the State of Texas account and can provide assistance. See additional contact information here [PDF].
Comdata Support Team
Nina Weaver is the Customer Relations Representative for the State of Texas.
(615) 370-7838
Will the program continue on a "cost plus" basis?
No. As of September 1, the program will be on a “retail minus” basis. This means you will be invoiced at the retail price, minus applicable taxes.
The state and cooperative purchasing program entities will continue to receive the rebate from use of the Comdata card as before, as well as the discounts received from using consortium stations, such as FuelMan. As TransMontaigne will not be participating in the extension, OPIS re-pricing of transactions will no longer occur.

For questions regarding the contract and the contract rebid, please contact Barbara Ritchie, Sr. Project Manager, at CCG:; (512) 463-2658

For questions regarding daily administrative issues, please contact the TPASS Statewide Contract Support Team by e-mail at or by phone at 512-463-3435.